Tatu community group

To be dignified in our beauty.

Tatu Pathway

What is the Tatu Pathway?

The tatu pathway brings together like-minded individuals in an intentional way to recognise marking the skin as a unified modern day right of passage independent of religious or cultural ties and ultimately be dignified in our beauty.

Code of conduct.

Before entering into this space I am asking you to agree to the following: 

• This is a safe space for expressing and being witnessed without judgement.
• Its a learning space to ask questions, there are no silly questions.
• If you feel like engaging, to share or respond to a share please do so in a good way, be appropriate in language and respectful towards others.
• Be aware of projection, try to use “I” statements instead of “we” or “us” to avoid including others in your experience that may not feel aligned.
• Confidentiality - please be aware that others stories are not yours to share without permission. 

Where to start?

Once you sign in, be sure to check out our welcome video before delving in. You'll want to review how to manage your notifications, understand how the group works, and check out the code of conduct article.

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